Thursday, 9 January 2014


Just before Christmas, I posted a thing called ‘I’m a loser.’ This recalled how I managed to serially lose my passport, wallet and just about everything else over a period of about a week. Each time I found something, I lost something else.

What was strange was that this got a massive audience, mainly in the US. I have a fairly healthy readership there, but this was something else. In the course of a few days, hundreds and hundreds of people read my post. Or did they?

The only explanation I can come up with is that there must be a lot of people in America who stumbled across my effort bu googling ‘I’m a loser.’

Who are these people? Teenage angst? Mid-life crisis? Who knows? Whether they actually read what I had to say is doubtful, as no-one left a comment.

It seems that there is a huge untapped readership out there for those who permanently have a half empty glass. If I start writing about herpes, divorce, erectile dysfunction etc. please send a comment warning me to stop pandering to the vulnerable.


  1. Rather indicative, I'd say. Or it could just be people searching for the Beatles song of the same name. Or, the Beck song with I'm a loser as the refrain.

    Anyway - nothing wrong with a bit of pandering from time to time, what else is art?

  2. Watch out for inflated "vampire" stats on Blogger, i.e. false page-views generated by spamming websites -- the only reliable way to get stats is to install Google Analytics, which ignores these false page-views (which are basically just trying to get you to visit their toxic site out of curiosity). You can generally at least halve the figure that Blogger gives you on any given day.