Monday, 13 May 2013

On reflection.......

I’m a sucker for a good reflection or interesting shadow. Back in the days of film, or argentique, to use the more charming French term, I took this shot of the Louvre Pyramid, when they were cleaning out the surrounding pool. I have messed about with the idea ever since. 

I saw a very interesting documentary a few weeks ago featuring an American photographer whose name escapes me. He seemed to live a life of complete chaos, with work going back decades just strewn around his house without any sort of filing system. In short, a sort of role-model. He put it perfectly: ‘I can never resist raindrops on a windowpane.’ A man after my own heart.

Took this shot a few days ago in the window of 'Galerie Vidourle Prix' - a portal to eleswhere.

Can't decide which way up this goes.

The Vidourle incidentally, is the river which runs through Sauve. It is completely unknown in the rest of France, except for the fact that the word 'vidourlade' is derived from it, meaning a fast and fierce torrent. When we get a storm, the river will go up two or three metres in an hour, due to water running off the nearby mountains. I spend quite a bit of time wandering along its banks, taking pictures. 'Vidourle Prix' is so called as it was previously a grocery store of the same name.

There is something I find strangely disquieting about this image, like a Victorian etching for a book of cautionary tales.

Finally, I was at yet another gallery in Sauve, when I saw this in the stairwell, an ornament rather than an exhibit. I became so absorbed in getting the shot right, that I didn't notice how it was suspended. Fine fishing line maybe, but it doesn't show up in the photo.

Bird at the Maison des Comtes, Sauve.

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  1. Nicely controlled images, M. Fuke -- you have an eye for colour harmonies and composition. Though, personally, I confess I find the "reflection shown upside down" thing annoying rather than intriguing. Show more of your work, please.

    Was the American Garry Winogrand? Apparently they found 2500 undeveloped rolls when he died...