Saturday, 1 February 2014

Accentuate the negative

Fascinating. I posted a thing yesterday which, due to a mixture of cynicism and curiosity, I entitled: 'Chip on my shoulder.' I gave it this negative sounding title just to see if it attracted negative-minded people. A few weeks ago, I wrote a thing called 'I'm a loser,' which notched up around four hundred hits in a couple of days.  

Sure enough, within minutes, The readership count started going crazy.

Headline writers for newspapers now go for phrases which are likely to be stumbled upon by googlers who are probably looking for something else completely. It's called search engine optimisation or SEO. Gone are the days when there was the possibility of pithy one-liner headlines such as: 'Super Callie go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious,' which was a report of the modest Scottish football team, Inverness Caledonian Thistle's 3-1 victory over the mighty Celtic.

The possibilities are quite terrifying. The day the Daily Mail manages to find a reason...... Sorry, excuse my naivety, publishes something along the lines of, 'Paedo, commie slut who hates Britain, in sex romp with benefit thieving Islamic asylum seeker,' the World's search engines will most likely be jammed up for weeks.

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  1. Reminds me of possibly the most racist joke ever,where a building site foreman calls out to his workers : "Mick, Mack, Paddy, Wack . . . give the W.. a loan".