Saturday, 20 June 2015

One for the ditch.

Marilyn Monkroe impersonator.

A funny thing happened to me last night, at least if you're a pie in the face aficionado. I'd been to a very pleasant restaurant, where I'd eaten something which was nothing like what I thought it would be, but very good all the same. Rather than have loads of beer, I decided to have a Margarita, which was refreshingly cool, but not over alcoholic. I was making my way back to where I'm staying and, with only 200 metres to go, crossed the road and took what I thought was the pavement on the side of the road which was lit only by the houses. I was still holding my camera in the hope of one last shot, when the World collapsed under me.

The storm drain.

For a brief second, was completely disorientated. I then realized that I'd fallen down a storm drain. Checking for injuries, I realized that I was relatively OK, just a few minor grazes. But where was my camera? I scrabbled about in the hole and found nothing. Looking up, was relieved to find it sitting on the wall. It seemed to be unscathed.

As I made my way back, I realised that I'd twisted my ankle a little. I was limping. Had a beer when I arrived, for medicinal reasons and went to bed. Didn't sleep very well as it was quite painful, but woke feeling much better this morning, but still limping.

In the circumstances, thought it would be a good idea to take it easy, so didn't venture out much. Luang Prabang is quite cheap, so if necessary, I'll stay a few more days than I'd 'planned,' until I recover.

After hanging about all morning, was getting a bit bored and restless, so decided to go for a limp to see the mighty Mekong. That's the river which runs halfway across SE Asia, not the bloke with the big green head in Dan Dare comics. How about that for showing one's age?


Came across yet another impressive temple with a group of monks doing a bit of housework? Temple work?

The snakes things are called 'Nagas.'

Nearby was a sign pointing to a Red Cross clinic. Laos isn't reputed for it's medical facilities, so if it hasn't improved by the morning will head off there. I asked at a pharmacy, but they couldn't really offer any assistance.

Right. It's cooled down here now, so will hobble down to the night market, some barbecued fish and a beer or three.


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  1. A margherita's clearly the thing the keep you relaxed in a fall. Good the camera was ok! Keep 'em coming, Rob.