Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Kampot postscript.

Have been here for over two weeks at Kampot River Bungalows, run by Mama, who gives the place a real family feel. She high-fives everyone when they arrive in the morning and cooks all day. This has allowed her to build a large modern house in the grounds, a reward she really deserves. She has huge energy, making time for the family and at present clearing more of the land to build bungalows. She gives everyone individual treatment and obviously revels in the role of Mama to all and sundry.
Marvellous Mama.

Mr. T is her trusty assistant and front of house. One quick call on his mobile and it's organized whether it's a visa application or getting a Tuktuk.

The wonderful Mr.T.

The place in general reminds me of the Hotel de Nesle, in Paris, where I once lived for about 18 months. There are a lot of people passing through who know SE Asia very well. Not only do they give advice about places to visit, but also places to avoid and stories of various scams and pitfalls to watch out for. In my Hotel Nesle days, I was pretty streetwise. I've started thinking that I have to re-learn a few things, having become an effete neo-Sauvain in the intervening years.

A few of us looked up reviews of the place last night. In general, it gets very good reports, but a negative one was more interesting. The couple complained that there were rats running around on the cabin roofs and geckos actually in the room. OMG.

Yes, there are geckos and they do get in the rooms. It's part of the charm as far as I'm concerned. As for the putative rats, well maybe,but even small critters sound quite loud on a dry palm-leaf roof.

If you want super relaxed and funky, this is the place. No geckos, or local fauna in general? Probably be better to stay at home.

Thanks Mama and Mr.T for the warm welcome. Hope to see you again.

Available through: booking.com

Tel: 033 66 66418

Facebook: Bungalow Kampot River.




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