Monday, 18 May 2015

Market Day.

Went into town this morning, three on a scooter. Halfway there, the heavens opened, which was quite refreshing. I've stayed in Kampot a week longer than I intended, due to heat exhaustion caused by a lot of messing around in boats, going around on motorbikes and wandering about taking pictures. I also forgot to apply for my visa for Vietnam at the end of the week, so can't leave until Wednesday.


Rain curtains.

Went around the market while the rain continued and saw some ingenious ways of diverting it into the gutters. We came across a guy selling tobacco. He had three large piles of the stuff in front of him and was puffing away himself. We asked if we could try some. Graham rolled a cigarette: 'It's pretty strong, want to try it?' I took one small puff and nearly collapsed in a fit of coughing. I thought there was the possibility that I might even vomit. It was like smoking a packet of the strongest cigarettes in one puff.

Still, for the determined kamikaze smoker, it's a bargain at 1$ for a huge bag.


Tobacco seller.

Along with the great fish, fruit and veg, the market also had things which are less to the taste of westerners, such as the pigs' heads and unidentifiable pieces of animal. Looked around for tasty looking insects, but was unsuccessful.

Pig accessories.
Got a nice, slightly surreal reflection photo though.

See you in 'Nam.



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