Thursday, 4 June 2015


A subject close to my heart, I went and explored the Hàng Nga Guesthouse, or 'Crazy House,' (Ngôi nhà quài di) as it's better known. It's conveniently situated a ten minute walk away from where I'm staying.

Designed by Dang Viêt Nga, a Vietnamese architect and native of Dalat, one immediately draws parallels with the architecture of Gaudi, with a touch of Salvador Dali thrown in for good measure. Catalan Weird probably best describes it. Like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, it is still being finished.


Guest room.

Skull Mountain.

Scary walkway.

Scarier high shot.


I wandered about the overhead walkways feeling very uneasy, as I really don't have a head for heights. The handrails are about two feet tall, which made me move up and down like the old codger which I suppose I'm becoming.

It's a sort of chaotic helter-skelter, a cacophony of strangeness, which is utterly charming. The staff, who are made to dress up in Vietnamese conical hats and silk Harry Potter looking cloaks were helpful and charming, (as always), and it was a very pleasant morning out.

It was also here that I found the hat featured in my Facebook picture. I thought about buying it in the souvenir shop, but unlike a lot of places, this worked on the extremely soft sell. Couldn't find anyone to sell it to me.

Café garden.


Café garden 2.


Had a great lunch there of fruit juice and mixed fruit in the shady bamboo grove café, whilst watching large Russians using their selfie sticks. Would recommend this place to anyone visiting Dalat.

See what I mean about the handrails?

Am off at midday today to Hoi An. It's a five hour trip to Nhà Trang, a beautiful seaside resort, and then after a two hour pause, an overnight sleeper bus ride.

Dalat has been great, but my limited visa doesn't allow for me to stay any longer. I hope to be back.

Can't recommend The Traveller's Home Hotel enough. Lovely, welcoming people and interesting guests.

Traveler's Home, C20, Tran Le St, Ward 4, Dalat, Vietnam.


Don't hold your breathe for the next post.









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