Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Un-shaggy dog story.

As is probably apparant, I'm an animal lover to the point of crankiness. Cats are my particular favourite, but I also have a bit of a soft spot for our canine friends. Today I had a lazy time and did very little apart from a trip to a place called 'The Crazy House.' I've been to quite a lot of them recently. Will go into more detail tomorrow.

Late afternoon I went downstairs for a beer, where I saw Will, the manager. He invited me into the kitchen where I found Shannon, Nicky and John, some fun Americans seated round the table which had an impressive spread of food on it. The centrepiece was a plate of meat, which I took to be cold roast beef.

Will asked me if I wanted to try some; 'It's dog.'

OK, in for a penny, although, I must admit, I hesitated. I took a small slice, which you wrapped in a leaf which was green on one side and purple on the other and then dipped in a sauce. It was revolting; gamey and unpleasant in the extreme.

Went out for dinner with Shannon et al and afterwards to the night market. John bought a durian, as he wanted to try it. Like the insects, I gave it another try. Yes, it does smell rather strange, but really doesn't live up to its fearsome reputation. In fact it isn't bad; possibly even an acquired taste.

Certainly a lot better than dog.

PS: You may have read my post about the shoeshine bandits. One of the soles has already fallen off!

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